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30 Black Love Movies to Watch in Quarantine

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Bored at home with bae? Looking to have a romantic movie night? Here's a list of Black Love movies to watch while in Quarantine.

Co-written by: Courtney Atwell

Movie List

  1. Love Jones

  2. Brown Sugar

  3. Love & Basketball

  4. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

  5. Ink Well

  6. Just Wright

  7. The Best Man

  8. The Best Man Holiday

  9. The Wood

  10. Jason's Lyric

  11. Deliver Us From Eva

  12. The Brothers

  13. Hitch

  14. Why Did I Get Married

  15. Why Did I Get Married Too?

  16. Boomerang

  17. The Last Holiday

  18. Tyler Perry's Temptation

  19. The Photograph

  20. Why Do Fools Fall In Love

  21. Two Can Play that Game

  22. Fences

  23. Poetic Justice

  24. Waiting to Exhale

  25. A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

  26. Phat Girlz

  27. Think Like a Man

  28. Think Like a Man Too

  29. If Beale Street Could Talk

  30. Beyond the Lights


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