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My Worst Date Ever.....

Updated: Oct 31, 2020



I decided to surprise my mom by giving her a "mommy make- over" for her bedroom. My parents were going through a divorce and my mom had just bought her a new house. As a mother though, she decided to make sure that my sister and I were straight before she was settled and truly comfortable in her space. One weekend, she decided to go out of town and I wanted to do something nice for her. I decided, with the help of my friends, to give my mom's room a makeover. In looking for items, I stumbled across a couch from "At Home" that I thought would look cute in her room. The problem was that I didn't have a car big enough to transport it to my house. After calling several friends, one of my homeboys said that he knew someone who might could help me. He made the arrangements and had him and his homeboy meet me to get the couch with his truck.

As soon as he pulled up, I noticed him from my high school. Ole boy was kind of cute too! I noticed he was choosing but I didn't say too much. I played it real cool. After he dropped off my couch, he asked for my number. I gave it to him. As soon as he left me we were texting. He asked me on a date and I agreed that we could link on Saturday still playing it cool. He seemed cool but I didn't go into it with any expectations.


He took me to one of my favorite dine in theaters. If anybody knows me, then you know that I love movies and I love food! So when you combine them, your guaranteed to win. I figured, this date can't go wrong wrong! He lets me order my food and drinks and we make small talk until the movie starts. Another thing about me that my friends know is that when I'm in the movies, I don't like anybody talking to me while I'm trying to enjoy it. So Boom! The movie starts and he starts trying to have a conversation with me. I'm trying to ignoring him because it's a movie that I wanted to see but he KEEPS TALKING!

Luckily before I snap, the waitress comes with my food and drinks. I get excited again and let out a sigh of release. I knew that he couldn't talk to me with food in his mouth. We eat in silence then next thing I know, I feel a hand trying to rub on my thigh... SCUUUURR! I'm like.. what in the world are you doing? He told me that he was trying to reach for my hand because he wanted to hold it. Honestly, I wasn't really feeling the intimacy, especially while I'm trying to eat but I didn't wanna step on his ego.

I was nice enough to hold his hand but he finished his food early and started talking to me again. Like dang! Are you not trying to watch the movie?! Eventually I get fed up and told him to shhh and that we'll talk after. I guess he got tired of holding my hand and leaned in to kiss me. I snatched away from him and he flinched knocking my drink on me. I got up pissed AF!!!! He started apologizing as I stormed out the theater. I went to the restroom to clean myself up and when I came out.. BOOM! There he was, standing at the door. He apologized again and although I could tell he was sincere, I was still on 10. I asked why he tried to kiss me and he said that my "lips looked to juicy" to pass up. I explained to him that I don't kiss guys that I barely know. I guess he got irritated and responded "Why? We're grown". I automatically knew what that meant and irritated enough, I just walked off and went home. Thank God I drove. (My auntie always taught me to drive to your first date because you'll never know when you need to escape)

All in all, the date was trash. Ole boy still hits me up from time to time but I always leave him on read.



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